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First thing to remember, we are a 100% American firm. We have experience working in B2B trade and manufacturing in the US and China.

In short, we want to open our resources to you.

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Industrial Equipment is Our Specialty

We specialize in connecting US firms with suppliers of industrial equipment and engineering machinery. We are by all means happy to help with any B2B sourcing.

If it makes sense, we locate suppliers globally, but our specialty is China.

We are the global door to most types of industrial equipment for your engineering project:

  • Industrial Equipment Suppliers
  • Suppliers of High Tech Equipment
  • Capital Equipment Manufacturing Companies
  • Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Companies

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Our passion is helping with B2B deals between the US and China.

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A New Type of Supplier

Our founders have spent a lot of time in China. Therefore, we understand how complex of a scene it can be to navigate.

We started Equipment Cowboy because we felt called to bridge the cultural gap.

Over the years, we met so many great people from both China and the US working in global trade

We wished we could help things flow more smoothly for everyone involved.

Our Mission:

To create more international opportunities for industrial equipment suppliers and buyers.

Above all, we want to help you get in touch with the right people on the other side, no matter what your need is.

You Are In Good Hands

Our team will make sure you get what you need.

Overall, we want to hear about your project. We understand the scene and can evaluate multiple suppliers based on your needs.

This is because we hope to give you the level of support you want.

Our consultants can refer you to an industrial equipment supplier in China who fits your needs.

We can stick around to help with that purchase, or let you handle it yourself.

At Equipment Cowboy, we pride ourselves in offering you:


  • 100% American leadership that is also Mandarin speaking.
  • Experience working with some of the China’s top trade and manufacturing companies.
  • Knowledge of supply chains.
  • A network spanning digital and traditional trade, and manufacturing.
  • Connecting you with engineering specialists who can help you source complicated products.
  • Our backgrounds working with industrial supplies, high tech products, industrial automation and B2B trade.

Definition of Industrial Equipment

Definition of Industrial Equipment: Any kind of equipment used for the production of an economic good or service within an economy.

Altogether, there are so many different types of industrial machines. This is because they can relate to pretty much every major industry and any stage of production.

A few examples of major industries are:

Aerospace, Chemical, Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Computer, Finance, Health Care, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Information, Water, Transportation, Telecom, Media, Mining etc…

This also includes all sub-industries. For example, the Automotive Industry is a sub-industry of Manufacturing.

For this reason, Industrial Equipment can be any goods or equipment used to process goods as part of an effort to make a profit.

Understanding China and Global Markets

China accounts for almost 25% of the worlds manufacturing output.

What does that mean for importers of industrial equipment?

In short, it’s a great place to buy industrial supplies, testing supplies, or manufacturing machinery. If only finding the right Chinese industrial equipment supplier was easy.

China’s business culture is complex and there is also a formidable language barrier.

We also see great friction in the global B2B sector. Many global suppliers are struggling to adopt digital global sales channels.

As a result, importers have trouble finding manufacturers through the internet. Many buyers have started migrating to large sourcing platforms. While this can be efficient, it lacks personalization.

Unfortunately, we find that most platforms have a one-size-fits-all approach. That means there is a good chance you will end up using a generic machines for your project.

There is also a shortage of other good options.

We are also yet to find a reputable list of general industrial equipment companies.
In addition, sourcing agents can also turn out to be very sketchy characters.

This is why a custom solution of finding industrial equipment globally is a great option.
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Sourcing Industrial Equipment

The fear of getting a bad deal sometimes turns people off from considering buying new equipment. It’s ok to search for used industrial equipment for sale as long as it fits your needs.

Its important to realize that using the latest technology can often provide the best user experience. That’s a key part of doing the best work, to ensure that you do in fact have the most efficient supplies possible.

You may need the help of an expert to make sure your project is being done with cutting-edge materials and designs.

Above all, working with foreign suppliers is a great way to save money. A lot of times, the quality of foreign-made goods rivals domestic made goods.

The issue is that buyers generally have trouble finding suppliers. This is because suppliers are not always sure how to make themselves available.

If you want to learn more, you can also check out our industrial blog!

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